SALT - for Builders

SALT - for Builders

Suburban Alternatives Land Trust (SALT) is a non-profit organization supporting organizations helping our community.

Most recently, SALT enabled the formation of Northbay Family Homes (NFH) an organization that assisted homebuilders in conceptualizing and developing projects that met our community’s wants and jurisdictions' many constraints.

With the assistance of Northbay Family Homes, the homebuilder could assess the community’s desires and create a project that is more easily built and financed because it has the support of the local community.

After more than four decades of supporting affordable housing, NFH ceased operations in early 2021, having built a legacy that will stand as a testament to its commitment to and passion for fulfilling its mission.

SALT is looking forward to the next chapter on our story of helping organizations do good deeds for the community. Stay tuned for our next great initiative!