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Concept Development

Northbay Family Homes assists homebuilders to conceptualize projects that meet a community’s wants and needs. With the assistance of Northbay Family Homes, the homebuilder can assess the community’s desires and create a project that is more easily built and financed because it has the support of the local community.

There is no requirement that a particular parcel of land be under consideration for the project. The concept can first be visualized, and then a parcel found; or a parcel of land may become available, and a project conceptualized (envisioned) for it.

In every step of development, Northbay Family Homes works foremost with the understanding that no homes will be built unless the homebuilder earns a reasonable return on his or her investment. Northbay Family Homes’ position as a long-standing, recognized and reputable nonprofit organization can be of unique value to homebuilders in realizing their goals.

Concept Development services are just one of  Northbay Family Homes's Seven Points of Entry in real estate development.