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Construction Financing

To assist homebuilders in obtaining construction financing, Northbay Family Homes has cultivated hundreds of contacts in the lending industry. We have facilitated the construction financing on projects as small as a six-unit condominium that required $360,000, to projects as large as Emeryville Lofts that needed $25 million and Hamilton’s Meadow Park that exceeds $50 million.

We do more than merely recommend financing for projects. We directly facilitate the entire process so that private funds and available public-sector monies are located and matched to a homebuilder’s project.

We advise homebuilders on how to best approach one or more lenders or public agencies to obtain needed funds. We point out ways to become eligible for funds by incorporating additions or expansions to a project that will increase return on investment. We often locate additional monies to facilitate that addition or expansion.

We have a rock-solid reputation throughout the homebuilding and lending industries. Affiliating your project by engaging Northbay Family Homes does more than increase your cachet - it can increase your cash.

Construction Financing services are just one of  Northbay Family Homes's Seven Points of Entry in real estate development.