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What We Do - Builders

We are a licensed corporate real estate broker (CA DRE License # 01830062).  SALT partners with the private sector to build affordable homes while earning a reasonable return on investment. As a nonprofit agency advising for-profit ventures, we have a unique position in the homebuilding industry. 

Seven Points of Entry

We provide a broad menu of support to builders, investors and developers. Depending on the project, our support takes the form of one or more of the following components — our seven points of entry into real estate development:

Concept Development
We assist homebuilders to conceptualize projects that match the community's needs, meet regulatory requirements, and are likely to be welcomed locally while earning a sufficient return on investment.

Site Control
We advise how to best take control of a site, or facilitate its acquisition; and how our unique position as a nonprofit can ease a site's regulations or gain desirable tax advantages.

Entitlement Approval
We help homebuilders navigate their way through the very complex, sometimes hostile, and always highly-regulated environment to the goal of getting their projects built.

Construction Financing

In 26 years we have established the contacts to facilitate the entire process of obtaining private funds and available public-sector monies and matching them to a homebuilder¹s project.

Mortgage Take-Out
Our extensive experience in structuring take-out financing to dovetail with construction financing eases the entire process and puts more profit into homebuilders' coffers.

Occupancy Activities
As a licensed California corporate real estate broker, we match homebuyers with homes for sale and find quality tenants for rental housing. We specialize in matching income-eligible applicants to affordable housing.

Post Occupancy Asset Holding
We manage the legal entity, such as a partnership or LLC, that remains in a completed transaction. We also manage the investment instruments of any subordinate financing in both for-sale and rental housing.