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Entitlement Approval

Most of the public sees Northbay Family Homes in our role of meeting the needs of low-income homebuyers. But in each community where we work, our greater value is assisting the private-sector homebuilders who must produce their product in very complex, sometimes hostile, and always highly-regulated situations.

Through the resources we have cultivated during our years of untarnished service to the homebuilding industry, Northbay Family Homes guides the way to obtaining the results homebuilders want: getting their projects built. By helping homebuilders achieve their goals, we achieve our goal of getting people into ownership homes sooner and at less cost.

We advise our customers on the best stratagems for obtaining government regulatory approvals; we match projects with private and publicly-available financing; we assist companies to untangle, and comply with, complex regulations; and we advise certain ways of re-working projects for more desirable return on investment.

In short, we are the navigators through the shoals of earning a sufficient profit in today’s treacherous homebuilding waters.

Entitlement Approval services are just one of  Northbay Family Homes's Seven Points of Entry in real estate development.