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Site Control

Since 1978, Northbay Family Homes has nurtured many sound resources in , and we are often called upon to facilitate the process of acquiring sites for building affordable homes. We advise clients how to best take control of a site, and we match clients with the right resources for acquisition.

But we do much more. As a nonprofit agency Northbay Family Homes offers its affiliates the ability to take control of a site with very desirable advantages. As long as Northbay Family Homes remains at the top of the development pyramid, many regulations and requirements can be eased or eliminated, and many desirable tax advantages become available.

Perhaps our best-known example of Northbay Family Homes’ involvement as a nonprofit agency is the project called the Emeryville Lofts, which used the concepts now offered by our affiliated nonprofit organization, Suburban Alternatives Land Trust (SALT).

In the mid-1990s a private investor with a declining warehouse operation in Emeryville secured SALT’s help to redevelop his property. Within four years SALT facilitated the right resources and partners to leverage the investor’s $6.3 million donated warehouse into a five-story condominium and live/work lofts -- real estate valued at $35 million. In addition to multiplying his investment five-fold, this particular investor saved more than $3 million in taxes by partnering with SALT. And 26 affordable condominiums have been added to the housing stock of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a win-win for all: the builders, the buyers and the community.

Site Control services are just one of  Northbay Family Homes's Seven Points of Entry in real estate development.